Gustavian Antique Furniture

Heeren van De Dam delights in choosing the finest of 18th and early 19th century Gustavian antique furniture from Scandinavia. We travel to Sweden ourselves, searching for pieces that exhibit the trademarks of authentic Gustavian furniture: clean, simple lines and a muted colour palette.

The Gustavian era stretched from the reign of Gustav II (1771-1792) to that of his son, Gustav IV Adolf (1792-1809). During this time Sweden was greatly inspired by the manners and taste of French society. The elegant, curvy lines of Rococo became more geometric with Swedish influence. A few masters from this era are Jonas Hulsten, Anders Lundelius, Fredrik Scholin and Karl Fedrick Ekstrom. Their designs fetch enormous prices at today's furniture auctions.


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Views: [Clock Face] [Detail]

 C240909 - Mora Clock

Swedish tall case clock, Mora, Province Dalarna, Sweden. Circa 1810. Original face, pendulum and works. Dimensions: Base 23.5", 78"H

C2561573444 - Gustavian Cabinet

A spectacular cabinet in two parts. A real “piece de resistance” only suitable for a large living with a high ceiling, the cabinet measures 99”H. The cabinet is restored in white/gray paint.

Only four of the original eight shelves still remain, but can be restored on request. Please contact us to receive additional photographs of this large stately cabinet.

  • Item Name: Gustavian Cabinet
  • Item No: C256157344
  • Dimensions: 99"H x 61.8"W x 31.5"D


Views: [Open View] [Side View]


 S200209 - Gustavian Secretary - Sweden, mid-19th Century

A traditional 19th century Swedish secretary desk in two parts, scraped to original butter cream paint. The base contains a fall front writing surface which opens to reveal the original blue/green painted interior with several drawers and a so-called keller – a secret department.

Note especially the beautiful carved details next to the panel doors. When open, the doos reveal three shelves and a fourth notched spoon shelf. Please contact us to receive additional photographs of this Gustavian secretary.

  • Item Name: Gustavian Secretary
  • Item No: S200209
  • Dimensions: 41.6"H x 44.1"W x 18.5"D


H200209 - Gustavian Style Hornskap Cabinet

A lovely Gustavian style hornscap (corner cabinet) to give charm and warmth to a kitchen. The corner cabinet is restored in cream butter finish. When open, the doors reveal a spacious interior with three shelves and a fourth notched spoon shelf.

Please contact us to receive additional photographs of this Gustavian hornscap.

  • Item Name: Hornskap Corner Cabinet
  • Item No: H200209
  • Dimensions: 72.8"H x 26.8"D



Views: [Detail View]

 B210909 - Antique Gustavian Sofa, Sweden, 1780

A beautiful restored and scraped late 18th century Gustavian sofa with detailed floral and dental carvings. The back and sides are rectangular, each corner surmounted with a beautiful finial. Upholstery is in linen and can be adjusted to your personal taste.

  • Item Name: Gustavian Sofa
  • Item No: B210909
  • Dimensions: 74"W x 27.2"D x 35.4"H



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